Warmlight - Manual Camera App Reviews

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It’s very Good ?

Surprised.., Perfect for Pro as well. Its very accurate light design. Must try it it’s hard to describe. Its Deep, quality looking great result. (I wish to attach my finishing editing with it). I were actually surprised to find it Pearl..., I was checked all my tools from my Art library collection some of it new i uploaded, so much some went for deleting. I were about to post my Art online already, but after I found and tried this, i was slow down on it tool,)))) i were actually surprised. Appreciate for simple & good tool,

Expozition nicze

Very modern

Six stars

After opening the app for no more than a minute and playing with the focus and exposure settings I can already tell this app is seriously awesome. I’ve been hoping for something like this for a bit now. And for free?! I’d give it six stars if I could.

Excellent app for even a novice

People can’t stand when I take pictures because of the sharpness, colors, blurry or having to move a few feet to get everyone in. This app right here...OMG it is easy to use, has a lot of features where you can think you are a pro and great photographer, it will help anyone with a shaky hand. To test it, I have a white, fluffy dog and I wanted to see how her picture would turn out. The balance of her fur and background were sharp! I was pleased. I will no longer use the camera that comes with my 7+. GREAT JOB!

Not bad at all EXCEPT...

The biggest problem of all these apps...NO HDR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome 101 percent amazing!!

This is an amazing app for photography you can change anything you like!!

One of the best camera app

It’s really good camera app .manually change focus, shutter speed,lots of functionality are given


رائع حبيته وسهل وسريع

Good first look

This app appears to deliver the control I’ve been looking for.

Good App

Very nice

Fun Stuff

I’m very happy with the results. Pure fun with a great outcome.

Best photo app ever!!

Amazing is all I can say!

Easy use

First time is very easy and user friendly. I’m able to edit photos with pretty cool enhancements at the point they are taken. ? Alice


Love this app...but the shutter speed is not working for me...please help me...


Sorry. Not any different than the regular camera on the iPhone X.

Love it

I get amazing results in various lighting. I highly recommend due to the pro-quality shots. There is a slight learning curve, but once you get it the possibilities are endless.

After Reading the reviews

I read the reviews then bought, loved how the photos looked after The editing. BUT, when the photo automatically saves, it changes the quality. It unsharpens the photos and softens it.

Waste of money

Doesn’t do anything that you can’t do on instagram.

Works great with iPhone X

Looking for a manual camera that would work great with my X. Very pleased with the quality of this one. Thanks!


Good clear ??

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