Warmlight - Manual Camera & Photo Editor App Reviews

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Caution, crop options do not include 3:2!

Missing 3:2 (2:3) option for all those who still print or use a Smart Frame.


Very cool


Amazing for week-end on the Go without the full frame in hand!

Ok.... but its just like Instagram filters

Wouldnt pay $7 for this app when its about the same functionality as your camera app and Instagram. Would download for free I guesss


Love this app!

Worst purchase ever

Dont waste your money.


Not worth the money. Nothing I couldnt already do with my iPhone. Its just some extra filters. No wow factor. Deleting it after a week.


I dont recommend it at all, not many options Im disappointed :|


I am having so much fun with this app. It makes everything look good

Camera app

Surprisingly good! Best phone camera app I have used ????

Not that great

This is a very basic application that gives you the same selection of things to edit photos as instagram and that is free

So cool!

Love it. Quick and easy to use!

Nothing a free app cant do.

Paid 6.99 for a feature that increases brightness of the picture. Thats something that any free app can do. Dont waste your money on it! Go for the free apps!!!

Love it!

Best photo editing app Ive used!

Super App!

I like this camera app - it gives you a lot of tools to be creative with your photography!

Ive been waiting for this combo app and here it is

I love posting photos on Instagram and have used various photo editors that work well. But this is the first time Ive been able to download a powerful manual camera app for my 7+ along with an equally powerful photo editor. Im raring to learn the manual camera controls, which look really easy. Imagine ... being able to adjust my shutter speed and multiple exposure levels on the fly! Richardsjournal

Like it so far

I think Im going to like it.

Does What It Says!

This is the closest you can get to a DSLR. Its definitely my go-to camera app and Apple ought to be ashamed for not making this their stock camera app. Love it! My only gripe is having to pay another $4.99 to add text. I really think it should include that function but Im sure the creator is doing very well selling it.


The first app Ive ever bought... totally worth it, it really is!

Adjust B4 You Snap

Better to set up everything first, rather than snapping a picture, and being disappointed when your editor doesnt have the tools you need to correct the problems. Thats where Warmlight comes in. Always better to be proactive, right?

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